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The East Hampton Arts & Culture Commission (EHACC) was pleased to attend an ice cream social event held at the Center School Community Garden on Oct. 18, 2022 during which East Hampton administrators, teachers, students and families participated in a plant identification game, a banner making craft and enjoyed homemade lemon basil sorbet made with basil from the garden. 

In the spring of 2022, the East Hampton Arts & Culture Commission donated $250 to the Memorial School Community Garden initiative, which was built with the intention of creating a garden space that is welcoming and inviting to all, allows students and families to connect to nature, and encourages all types of experiential learning. Specific objectives are to weave the garden into the art curriculum and showcase students’ art in the garden and to showcase a local artisan by having a locally designed sign over the entrance. Volunteers started to build the garden in June 2022 and some fall vegetables were planted which students harvested in the fall. Throughout the fall semester of 2022 a garden committee at Memorial School has been developing curriculum in math, science, writing and literature, and art around the school garden.

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