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Grant Recipients Win $500 in 2015

The East Hampton Arts & Culture Commission awarded a $500 grant to Blackledge Music of East Hampton. One of the free musical events, “Cool Flutes” was performed at the Library on August 28. It was a program of chamber music for combinations of flutes. The performers were Helene Rosenblatt, Piccolo, Eb Flute, C Flute, Alto Flute, Contrabass Flute; Peter Standaart, C Flute, Bass Flute; Heather Wagner, C Flute, Bass Flute. Blackledge music is a nonprofit chamber music group. For more information email Helene Rosenblatt:

The Commission also awarded a $500 grant to the Chatham Historical Society for the purchase of an enclosed, lighted glass showcase. The showcase displays memorabilia to honor and celebrate William O'Neill, former governor of Connecticut and longtime resident of East Hampton.

This year one of two $500 mini grants are available to to individuals or organizations residing in East Hampton, Connecticut. The East Hampton Arts & Culture Commission welcomes grant applications from East Hampton organizations and individuals with programs and/or projects that enrich the lives of town residents through the arts. The deadline is April 3, 2017.

Chatham Historical  Society's New Display Case funded by the EHACC Mini Grant Program

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