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2018 Art Students Honored

East Hampton students MacKensie Strickland, Marissa Martin, Noelle Lavender, Isa Siewert and Riley Pawlewitz were honored by the East Hampton Arts & Culture Commission during the annual Student Art Award Ceremony held on June 7 at the Sears Park Pavilion. Their original artwork will be exhibited during July in the East Hampton Town Hall Gallery for members of the community to enjoy.

Pictured from left to right are Superintendent Paul Smith; Memorial and Center Schools Art Teacher Suzanne Fausette; Assistant Principal, Memorial School Brandy Gadoury; Center School Artist Marissa Martin; East Hampton Middle School Art Teacher Carl Pastor; East Hampton Middle School Artist Noelle Lavender; East Hampton High School Artist Isa Siewert; East Hampton High School Art Teacher Lisa Lupacchino-Gilson and East Hampton High School Visual Arts & Communications Teacher Melissa Winalski .(not all students were present

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